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in u.s. treasuries. >> tom: we ask pimco's bill gross why he's bailing out of government debt and where he's putting money now. you're watching "nightly business" report for wednesday, march 9. this is "nightly business report" with susie gharib and tom hudson. "nightly business report" is made possibley: this program is made possible by contributions to your pbs station from viewers like you. thank you. >> susie: good evening, everyone. the world's largest bond fund is betting against bonds. pimco's total return fund has sold off its government bond holdings to zero as of the end of february. tom, this is a strong signal from pimco's flagship fund that it sees little value in owning u.s. treasuries. >> tom: susie, as a result of those bond sales, pimco is sitting on $54 billion of cash. the fund still owns other kinds of bonds. it's holdings are diversified among mortgage bonds, corporate debt, foreign bonds and municipal securities. >> susie: so what's the reason behind the bond fire sale? joining us now: william gross, the founder and co-chief investment officer of pimco. hi, bill, n
group for piracy off the coast of somalia and out of that has emerged for workgroups. the u.s. leads a workgroup on working with the maritime industry of situational awareness. this is called worker three. what we look at our trends. so far this fiscal year which commenced on the first of what tober. we spent 81 piracy events. of those 37 were successful. again, what the fight by fight lane dollars payoff. if you are 3781, that would probably get you in the hall of fame if your plane based all. and these are generally viewed from a country where the daily wages maybe $2 a day. the site by $5 million sun is a lucrative business to be in. if you have a large diaspora within somalia, and a largely unemployed youth, this is literally at the opportunity of a lifetime. so what is working? we have to the international maritime organization a number of best management practices again for commercial vessels with height reports, it typically means providing -- eliminating the need to access the vessel, but ultimately increasing speed. other vessels that infuse these best management practices t
security council would not support it. the u.s. has made clear it only once to go for a no-fly zone if it can get a un resolution. that avenue looks blocked. and the u.s. is saying at the moment it does not want to do it alone. most people believe it could but there is not the political will despite support in some quarters in the u.s. for it to go for that. >> president obama spoke about a number of options on the table as did the british prime minister. what options are the considering given the fact that even today, we heard voices from the arab community and country is calling for this no-fly zone? >> there are not that many other options that are going to turn the screw. -- turn the screw on colonel gaddafi. we heard so much current opposition like the u.s. defense secretary, robert gates, talking about loose talk of the idea of a no-fly zone. not very keen to do it. there is others in the military who are concerned about the possibility of mission creep. if the u.s. gets involved for the no-fly zone, it will broaden out into a much bigger operation and the u.s. will be involve
. >>> mexico's youngest police chief has fled to the u.s. after apparently receiving death threats. immigration officials say the 20-year-old is is tryitrying to asylum there. those are the headlines. "world business today" starts now. >>> good morning, from cnn london, i'm nina del santos. >> and good afternoon from cn income hong kong, i'm andrew stephens, you're watching "world business today." >>> oil prices continue to soften as investors watch the latest from libya. >>> what happens when you don't turn off your electrical device in a plane? we'll be looking at a new study of safety in the air. >>> and making money out of misery. we look at the traffickers in human cargo. >>> well, the european stock markets have been open for about an hour now. let's have a look at how they faired. yesterday we did see a third straight day of losses for some of these markets. the dax basically flat. and as you can see, the ftse down by about .6%. and the currency markets, there's not an awful lot of movement either. the euro is down against the dollar at the moment. just below $1.39. and when it comes to
forces today, and the regime is offering a reward, almost half a million u.s., for the capture of a top opposition figure. we have new cnn video coming in from ras lanuf where rebels with fighting to hold their ground. government troops are using planes and heavy artillery to try to retake the eastern oil city. in the western city of zawiya, libyan television showed government supporters cheering in the streets today, but there are now unconfirmed reports that rebels have retaken the main square there. after days of heavy fighting, it's almost impossible to get through to anyone in zawiya for any independent confirmation of what's going on there. today gadhafi is also sending a new warning to the united states and its allies as they consider imposing a no-fly zone over libya. he promises that all libyans will fight back against what he calls an act of aggression and an attempt to control libya's oil. >> translator: it will be clear aggression. it will also be clear that the intentions are to control libya's oil, choke libya's liberty, land and people. all of the libyans carry weapons so
of trading on a legal tip-off, now the biggest insider trading trial in u.s. history. police investigate an organized crime syndicate that operated around the world. hello there as forces step up offenses against rebel areas, president obama's top national security advisors meet to outline what steps are realistic. washington as underscored any authorization of a no-fly zone must come from a united nation security council. >> colnel kadafi presented a front since the rebellion in his country began and more evidence of the fighting that split libya. these pictures show the situation a few days ago. government troops showing off flashes of what they claim is rebel held a&m mission. rebel forces say the situation in the city is very critical with fierce battles taking place. >> i don't think we can stand aside to let that happen. >> this british approach is something one prominent american politician has welcomed. >> a no-fly zone account be imposed fairly easily, not without challenges, but i would also point out that the air assets that gadhafi has is in a small space. a no-fly zone is wh
on illegal trading on wall street. here's how u.s. attorney preet bharara put it when charges were announced at the end of 2009. >> it would be a mistake to think that this investigation is focused only, or even principally on, hedge funds. we have gone far beyond that. in fact, this investigation goes to the very heart of fair play in the business world. >> susie: joining us now with more analysis, steven feldman. he's a former u.s. attorney who worked in new york's securities fraud task force, and is now a white collar defense attorney at herrick, feinstein. >> hi, steven, nice to have you here with us. >> thank you, susan. >> susie: how strong is the government's case against raj rajaratnam? >> susie, that's what we're going to find out. the government, up until now, does all of the talking. they have the indictment. in that indictment, they put forward their best foot, and all their evidence. that evidence seems to be strong. it includes hours and hours of wiretap evidence, that includes the testimony of confidential performants. the defense has not had a chance to do anything yet. that'
's important that any no-fly zone over libya not be a u.s.-led effort. when pressed on whether the u.s. would support a no-fly zone, she said "we're going to support the efforts being made because we think that the people of libya have to be supported and we know how difficult as the struggle is." ed henry joins me from the white house. what is going on inside the administration? there was talk about doing something through nato. are they any closer to coming to a decision on a no-fly zone? >> reporter: they don't seem any closer at all. the president did a phone call with the british prime minister and afterwards white house officials said they agreed gadhafi must go, all options are on the table, including a no-fly zone. but we've heard that same formulation for days now, a couple weeks in fact. when jay carney was pressed by reporters after that, what are you going to do, are you going to go before the u.n. security council, he basically said i'm not going to get into the details of exactly what process we're going to use. so it's still anyone's guess, are they going to go through the u.n.
action after u.s. supreme court's supports the right for a controversial church group to protest at military funerals. >> jennifer franciotti is live with more on that story. >> congressman ruppersberger submitted legislation that would place restrictions on protests and military funerals. five hours before a funeral and after a funeral. westboro baptist church stirred up controversy when members protested outside a military funeral in westminster. the u.s. supreme court ruled in favor of the churches right to protest. crop prohibits protest one hour before or after funerals. >> i believe the constitution allows for reasonable restrictions on the time, place, and manner of protest activities. that is all i'm doing here. >> ruppersberger it is bill places distance restrictions, up to 2,500 feet between protesters and the funeral side. we will have the churches reaction coming up at 6:30. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news. >> thank you. that brings us to our water cooler question of the day. do you think the "safe haven for heroes act" strikes a fair balance between free speech
such issues as the four russian held islands. >>> derogatory remarks by a u.s. government official about the people of okinawa have increased the difficult ty of relocating the station in the prefecture. they are outraged by kents made by kev kev, a u.s. state department official. maher described them as masters of manipulation and extortion in their negotiations with the central government within okinawa's local government, anger is rising over the remarks. >> he served as a council general in okinawa for several years. it's rather pathetic that, as a diplomate, he has such a poor understanding of the situation. it makes the futenma issue more complicated. >> they voted unanimously in favor of a resolution urging maher to retract his comments and apologize. >>> translator: maher's remarks trampled on the feelings of the okinawa people. the remark he made were mocking, disparaging and inexcusable. >> reporter: in a phone conversation on tuesday, japan's chief cabinet secretary launched a statement saying if true the comments were introept. in response roos said expressed his regrets that
up the no-fly zone to make this a fair fight? >> reporter: about that prospect, u.s. officials remain noncommittal. spokesman for secretary of state clinton said allied nation are reviewing the idea of a no fly zone with urgency, but offered this answer when asked how many weeks of air attacks it will take before a decision is reached. >> there is no particular timetable. >> reporter: at the u.n. security council, fox news learned that british and french diplomats have begun drafting a resolution to create no fly zone. that sources said could be ready at the drop of a hat. >> it has to have a clear basis, demonstrative need, broad support in the region and readiness to participate in it. >> reporter: but sergei lavrock, foreign minister of russia, a country that does enjoy veto power at the u.n. security council ruled out foreign intervention with libya saying, "libyans have to solve their problems by themselves." bret? >> bret: james rosen live at the state department. thank you. we will put the whole sky news report on our website. oil prices fell a bit today. april crude dropped 42
as an acting solicitor general in the mid-90s. he argued nine cases before the u.s. supreme court. the most by a solicitor general in more than 20 years. we also have ted olson who is a partner in gibson, done and crunchers from the washington d.c. office a member of the firm's executive committee and cochair of the appellate and constitutional law group. a former solicitor general of the united states, ted is one of the nation's premier appellate and u.s. supreme court advocates and he is argued dozens of cases before the court and i might add that both of them have contributed to north carolina victories in the u.s. supreme court and i thank them for that. the national association of attorney general is fortunate to have dan schweitzer is her supreme court counsel. his principle and very important responsibility to assist state appellate litigators who appear before the united states supreme court and he excels at his job. my thanks to all three of you for your time and for your expertise and i will turn it over to you. >> thank you general cooper. it is a pleasure and honor to be here to
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it will actually be voted on has not been announced. >> days after the u.s. supreme court ruled in favor of the fundamental church and its controversial anti-day funeral protests, and maryland congressman takes action. he officially filed legislation that would protect the privacy of u.s. military family members. it includes five hours before and five after services. the first amendment protection protests. it extends the distance between protesters and the funeral side by 2,500 feet. meanwhile, lawmakers are no closer to a budget deal to prevent a government shutdown could the senate is little to vote on arrival budget plans. lawmakers have until march 18 to agree on a way to fund the government for the rest of this fiscal year. both the budget measures today are expected to fail. she is the longest serving woman in the history of the united states maryland senator barbara mikulski can add the hall of fame to her list of accomplishments. she is one of 100 women who will be an incident to the national hall of fame for women. she began her fifth term when she was sworn in back in january.
. since the beginning of this year, investors have put more than $24 billion in u.s. stock funds. >>> san francisco police everyone waking you this morning about a new scam, this one targets atms and these thieves use glue, not guns. jade hernandez is live in san francisco now to tell us what to look out for. good morning, jade. >> reporter: good morning. i just checked in with the san francisco richmond police station that's just around the corner and found out one of these thefts happened last week during the day at a bank of america atm similar to this one. what the customer did, the customer put the card inside of the machine and then typed in the key code. once the key code came up, the customer realized that. enter button had been glued down. thieves are targeting atm users and the customers can't finish the process because the key gets stuck in the machine. the customer goes inside the bank and leaves the information or card back up on the screen. a local paper report says the police said since january there have been four of these type of thefts in the district. thieves are using
at this point. they are concerned here about the impact on the u.s. economic recovery. they are concerned on the impact on many american families, many of whom have had a difficult couple of years. as for tapping the spr as they call it here, here is spokesman jay carney. >> it's an option on the table. remember all the options that we consider and the global system consider is aimed at dealing with a major disruption. it is not a price-based conversation. >> reporter: save it for an absolute crisis. if there is a major disruption in the the flow of oil, not so much for a surprise spike at this point. jenna: we talk about disruption in oil flow when it comes to the middle east on a completely different topic we are talking a lot about qaddafi the leader of libya. what more will the u.s. try to do to push qaddafi out? >> reporter: you know i reached out to a very senior u.s. military official late last night about that issue and they say they are preparing the full range of military options for the commander-in-chief. we've heard defense secretary gates speak frankly about being against th
: u.s. officials are trying to help the people flee the fighting. >> we're moving people to egypt. >> reporter: at the white house, they're determining how the u.s. can convince gadhafi to step down. wjz, eyewitness news. >>> gadhafi has been in power since 1969 when he lead a military cue that brought down the monarchy. >>> discovery touched down at kennedy space center minutes ago. it's flown a total of 39 missions over 27 years. the spacecraft will go on display at the smithsonian institute. two more missions remain. >>> today on the spring training report, another set back for brian reports. he's out of the game. he missed most of last season. he says his back problems are unrelated to a new injury. no word on when he'll return. >>> in less than a month, the o's play their first home game. that's april 4th. you can watch here on wjz-13. >>> still to come at noon, war on terror, why planned hearings are drawing out rage from many americans. >>> stunning reversal. why rod blagojevich is dropping his request for a retrial on his corruption conviction and asking for mediate senten
where the u.s. is engaged in military action? >> it is interesting. the population of afghanistan is around 29 million, and there's probably no more than 80,000 u.s. soldiers serving in afghanistan right now, but if you look at the stories that come out, you think the numbers are completely reversed. all the stories are about americans, and you see almost no images of stories about the afghan people themselves, so if you look at the dominant representational paradigm uc today, it is all about foreign soldiers. my idea was to try incurred counted to that a popularized narrative and focus on images and stories that really reflect that lived experience of conflict through the eyes of the afghan people. >> you are exhibiting with three other photographers. it is true all three of them have really focused in the areas where a lot of u.s. and allied forces are seeing action, are actually involved in combat, so your story is different than theirs. what does it mean to show your body of work along side of the stories that probably are more familiar? what kind of juxtaposition does that cr
as the u.s. and its allies weigh a military response. >>> marina mystery, a grim scene in southern california as a million dead fish float ashore. >>> and spidey sense? a vintage comic book featuring spider-man's debut sells for a mind-numbing sum.รง captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello, and good morning. welcome to our viewers across the nation, including the pacific team zone. i'm lynn berry. today we begin with losing momentum. it now appears the rebellion against libya's moammar gadhafi has stalled, halted in its tracks by the libyan army. the drive by opposition fighters to qadhafi's stronghold in tripoli has been met with a heavy barrage of rockets in the east. in zawiya pro-regime forces threat tony capture the city. if it is retain, it would be a significant victory for qadhafi. meanwhile, in an interview broadcast on libya's state tv, qadhafi once again blames foreigners for the unrest, and answering possible u.s. and british plans for a libyan response, qadhafi told turkish tv libyans will "take up arms and fight if a no fly zone is empoe imposed on hi
for debate, not action. u.s. secretary of state has insisted that this be a u.n., not american initiative. protesters are keeping a low profile in at the capitol. but the protesters still seem determined to fight. >> only 30 miles away from the wyatt, the military success makes it even more dangerous -- from zawiya, the military success makes it even more dangerous for protesters. they believe in former is are everywhere. yet another protester joined us. they have never been on facebook before, which is now blocked. they do not have weapons, unlike the rebels in zawiya. but many have died, too, killed by the regime. >> jeremy. >> do you think because of the force that he has used -- >> no, and he is not finished. i will never speak any words with -- i am not arab. >> what is your gut feeling, like your feeling inside about how this is killing two and? >> we do not want this to go on. >> so, how do you beat him? >> how we will be? with faith. that is the only way. we don't have guns or modules or anything. but we have faith. we have the faith to be free people. >> how do you sustain this?
with european and nato officials. >> brown: so, should the west, should the u.s intervene in libya? we join that debate with two people who've wrestled with similar questions as director of policy planning at the state department. richard haass held that position in the george w. bush administration. he's now president of the council on foreign relations. his latest book is, "war of necessity, war of choice: a memoir of two iraq wars." anne-marie slaughter worked in the obama administration state department until earlier this year. she's now professor of politics and international affairs at princeton university. anne-marie slaughter, i'll start with you. we've heard some of those fighting against qaddafi calling for outside help, specifically a no-fly zone. what's the chief argument for helping them >> the strongest argument for helping them is stwra t.j. i can which is that we've finally seen a major shift in the theirty of the entire middle east from anti-americanism and anti-israel and focused, really, outside to an indigenous demand for democratic government, for accountable government
rebel-controlled towns. u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says a no-fly zone would need the backing of the international community and that the u.s. won't go it alone. colonel gadhafi says libyan people will take up arms if a no-fly zone is imposed. >>> calls for foreign intervention in libya are growing as pro-gadhafi forces continue to pound rebel-held towns. one city on the front lines is ras lanuf, in the east of the country. on tuesday, the air force attacked repeatedly, rebels try to defend the city with anti-aircraft fire. opposition officials have accused gadhafi of bombing nearby water reserves. >>> libya is not made up of one cohesive group, rather a collection of individuals who have a common goal. they want gadhafi to go, but most of them lack the skills and training to take on his army. and there are even reports in some areas that rebels are running out of weapons. from eastern libya, cnn's ben wedeman reports. >> don't shoot unless given orders, don't move unless given orders. this anti-gadhafi field commander tells his men over a megaphone. nearby, more s
the lebls in libya. what if he wins? can the u.s. do what it takes to stop him? >>> ripped apart. tornadoes tear across the south. one survivor calls it 30 seconds of pure hell. >>> gadget guilt. when blackberries and iphones take up family time. >>> and, travelers beware. by hotel pictures online are all too often too good to be true. how to tell when they're fooling you. >>> good evening. in the culture war between new and old media and undercover upstart has dealt a major blow to the establishment. public broadcasting has been a lightning rod for years. supporters call npr and pbs a public service, with every penny the taxpayers pay for it. critics say it's wrong for all americans to subsidize what they call a liberal agenda, and they have new ammunition now, after an npr executive was caught on tape in a conservative sting. this caused the head of npr her job and now the federal funding for public broadcasting is under more pressure than ever. jake tapper starts us off from washington. jake? >> reporter: good evening, george. that's right. the ceo of npr submitted her resignation today.
for the u.s. to become more involved. >> libyan rebels are moving towards tripoli but three weeks into their uprising, muammar gaddafi is hanging on. despite raveled the sense of fire, government warplanes and artillery helped gaddafi's forces retake one town held by the rebels. shells struck at a rebel-held oil facility. this is a reminder of how the war is driving a gasoline prices and the u.s.. president obama got a message from an oil state democrat and republican. grant more licenses, they say, for oil licenses in the gulf of mexico. >> we should not be so dependent on foreign sources of oil when our country is so rich in resources. >> what about military options? the commander in chief conferred with the u.k. prime minister. >> what i discussed with president obama is making sure that we plan for every eventuality including planning for a no-fly zone. >> now they should be grounded, says republican john mccain. >> every hour that goes by, innocent libyans are being attacked and massacred. >> without you win backing, europe is raring for a no-fly zone. -- without u.n. backing
a slaughter or has no not indicd he's willing to act and the senate arms committee believed the u.s. had to show it was full my prepared to step in and showing the prepared to step in and senator kerry said said we failed to act in rwanda and the slowness to react in bosnia and under the first president bush encouraged the shia to do an uprising against saddam hussein and didn't come to their aid as well and there are all kinds of ghosts haunting the error and president obama is very cautious at his core that every time the united states has gone into intervene in the middle east there's been a long-term consequence to the perception of our position that's been negative. >> charlie: ann marie, tell me what the options are. >> the first best option is a negotiated solution that gets qaddafi and his family out of office and out of the country and that is actually still a possibility on the table. he made an offer, obviously it's hard to know who's saying what but the fact is we've been putting a lot of pressure on him both outside the country in terms of sanctions and in terms of diplomati
, the u.s. response the situation in libya amidst growing pressure from some in congress and some around the world to take tougher action, no decisions are expected to made at this meeting and all eyes are on nato's week to see if the allies can get together. gadhafi's forces appear to be gaining some advantage. the opposition group losing ground and there are also reports today suggesting that gadhafi may be reaching out the other leaders in the region. let's get the latest from stephanie gosk in the region. >> reporter: this is a strange report and we're getting mixed messages here. the wires are saying that a falcon jerkts a libyan falcon jet owned by gadhafi carrying the head of logistics and supply from his government has landed in egypt to give the egyptian leaders a message. we don't have any confirmation. in fact we were told there was no jet that landed on egyptian soil, but, you know, it really defies what has happened earlier today on state tv where gadhafi came on television and said he's in no mood to negotiate and denied any reports that he reached out to the rebel leaders
and unacceptable risk for the u.s. i think the u.s. could support this with intelligence. as well as logistics. but i don't want to see u.s. aircraft involved in a no-fly zone. >> judge napolitano: walid, should the president of the united states ask you for his advice about whether any military assistance would work, having just heard what the general said and respecting him as i know you do, what would you tell the president? >> the best thing is not to involve any of our assets if we can. but time is not on our side. in the sense that what is happening in the opposition area is where i'm concerned. not really what gaddafi is doing. gaddafi could be taken out by either the united states or the europeans no doubt about that. but i'm afraid that the radical element will slowly creep in to the area of the command and soon we will have libya under gaddafi and maybe libya under a radical at the end of the day. it's a hard strategic choice to make. >> judge napolitano: last question, what do you think will happen? as things now stand, is he crazy enough to stay there while bullets are shooting at
james rosen at the state department tonight. the commandant of the u.s. marines, james, says libya's greatest air power threat isn't about war planes at all. >> that's right, shep. general james amos says the greatest threat comes from qaddafi's fleet of helicopters amid fierce fighting, amos faced lawmakers on capitol hill. he found himself taking part in a line of questioning by senator mccain that suggested neutralizing qaddafi's antiaircraft difficulties wouldn't be that difficult. >> my information, i wonder if you have the same thing, they are soviet style, somewhat older versions of surface-to-air missile capability. >> yes, sir. i believe that's correct. >> and isn't it true that the air assets are concentrated in about four air basses right around tripoli? >> i believe that's correct, senator. >> but minutes ago, senator dick lugar garr, the ranking republican on the foreign relations committee said in a statement, quote: the united states should not, in my view, launch military intervention into yet another muslim country without thinking long and hard about the conseque
multiple issues that bring equities in from all kinds of different departments throughout the u.s. government. so you need someone to be able to break through this stovepiping and it can't be a deputy assistant secretary of state who just gets dual hatted to be doing something else besides their regular job which is 20 hours a day anyways with the beeper going off every 30 minutes in the other four hours. you just got to have someone who's full-time job is focused and it's someone with influence, someone that can pick up the phone and say, secretary clinton, it's actually time for you to say or do something now. and someone who can actually move this system, move the needle away from the inertia that just prevades government. this is just where it is. people are well meaning but system is -- it's systemically tilted towards the status quo. to be able to move that needle away from the status quo towards action. that's what you need a special envoy for and we should collectively civil society and the legislative branch press the executive branch to do this as soon as possible. we kn
are being turne against the u.s. he's under pressure and having to answer for his own past ties to a controversial and even violent group. known for being accessible and media friendly during 18 years in congress, tonight peter king says he's caught by surprise. >> i'm not overly modest or shy but i really do not expect to become the center of attention on this. >> reporter: chairman of the house homeland security kmut committee, king says he is trying to expose islamic terrorism inside the u.s. >> homegrown terrorism is a growing threat and one we cannot ignore. >> reporter: his own history is getting another look. years ago king was a major advocate for the irish republican army, which the u.s. and british governments had labeled a terrorist organization. >> those who saw your ira past look at this and say you're a hypocrite. >> right. people who say that are uninformed. first of all, the i.r.a. never attacked the united states. let's start with that. >> reporter: the i.r.a.'s attacks did kill civilians from the 1970s to late '90s. king stood by i.r.a. leader linked to violenc
prior to enrollment and that they are trying to become u.s. citizens. >> another bill of curbing the use of plastic and paper grocery bags. customers would be charged 5 cents. a portion of the revenue would go to the chesapeake bay trust. >> plastic bags get into the water and are made from petroleum. a chemical product breaks down. it makes its way into our drinking water. >> i might run back and give banks the quest for some people, it is not convenient. sometimes 5 cents means a lot. >> leaders say they prefer a law that does not charge fees but the encourages customers to recycle. stores in violation would be slapped by fines for repeat violations. you can voice your opinion by leaving your comments on our website, wbaltv.com. you'll find details of details of big issues. click on "politics." lawmakers are no closer to a which would avert a government shutdown. >> kate amara has more on the story. good morning to you. >> the senate is scheduled to vote on arrival budget plans. house republicans get to work on another stopgap bill to avoid a government shutdown. >> it is time our frie
hillary clinton told erica hill tuesday that whatever is done must be a u.n. decision, and not a u.s.-led initiative. >> we believe it's important that this not be an american or a nato or a european effort. it needs to be an international one. and there is still a lot of opposition, as you probably know, within the security council. but we're working to try to come up with good, solid, international package. >> you can see more of erica's exclusive interview with the secretary of state a little bit later this morning on t"the eary sho show". >>> this afternoon the senate plans to take test votes on two budget plans to fund the government for the next six months. the first, a republican proposal passed by the house calls for drastic cuts. the second, a democratic alternative, republicans say doesn't cut enough. one democratic senator says president obama needs to lead the debate. >> the truth of the matter is this, with this debate as important as it is, will not be decided by house republicans, or by senate democrats negotiating with each other or past each other. the debate will be
, one from the d.a.'s office, one from the attorney general, one from the u.s. attorney, and the san bruno police department to investigate any possible -- to investigate pg&e for any possible civil or criminal violations relating to the pipeline explosion. there is still a long road ahead for this neighborhood. damaged homes are still being repaired. some neighbors whose homes were destroyed or still months or more away from rebuilding and neighbors tell us at least four will not rebuild here. some victims are still recovering in the hospital. when neighbors gather here tonight to mark the time of the rupture, 6:11 p.m. they say they will be thinking of the human loss. legal consultant dean johnson says the d.a.'s investigation is sending a message. >> one of the problems with prosecution generally is big corporations get a pass on what might be criminal investigations. i think the new d.a. is sending a message that that's not going to be the case with his office; that if a big corporation could be suspect of criminal activity, they're going to look into it and they're going to make
>>> this morning on "early today," rebels reach a standoff with government forces in libya as the u.s. and its allies weigh a military response. >>> marina mystery, a grim scene in southern california as a million dead fish float ashore. >>> and spiedy sense? a vintage comic book featuring spider-man's debut sells for a a vintage comic book featuring spider-man's debut sells for a mind-blow thing sum. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. today we begin with losing momentum. it now appears the rebellion against libya's moammar gadhafi has stalled, halted in its tracks by the libyan army. the drive by opposition fighters toga definitefy's strong hold of tripoli has been met with a heavy barrage of rockets in the east and zawiya proregime forces threaten to capture the royal city. if it's retain, it would be a significant victory for gadhafi. meanwhile, in an interview broadcast on state-run tv, gadhafi blamed foreigners for the unrest. he says they brainwashed libyan youngsters with weapons, drugs and money to turn against their count
. louis, two u.s. marshals and a police officer trying to serve an arrest warrant in this neighborhood. the man they're trying to take into custody was killed, a u.s. marshal was in critical condition tonight he was shot in the head. the two other officers were injured. authorities aren't saying why he was being arrested, but he did have a criminal record dating back to the early '90s. in texas, people protesting at the texas capital angry about a bill that would require women to have an ultrasound before having an abortion. it is passed in the house and senate and house versions are no exceptions for women who are victims of rape or incest. the committee will hash out the details before sending this to governor. he has praised the bill, opponents say it is intrusive and interferes with the doctor patient relationship. how many more workers in oregon shot up car came crashing through the wall right into the cashier stand. it was all caught on tape this weekend. the worker had been sweeping the floor when the wall came down. he was very fortunate he was only slightly injured. his boss i
, which is similar to what the u.s. environmental protection agency does when they determine affordability for water and sewer improvements, so keep in mind, our average monthly water right now is about $32 a month, and our average monthly super bowl xli family resident is about $51 a month, so as we walk through these slides, that will be a helpful frame of reference. the average monthly water bill would be $32 a month. and the average monthly sewer bill would be $51 a month. so about $1 a day for 24-sloven water and less than $2 per day for the past 24/7 sewer. we have done a similar analysis, but we have shown what that means for rate changes every year over the next 30 plus years. and in the yellow section here in the graph, these are all of the adopted rates through 2014, and those are not going to change and all. we are having deliberations today. but what we do show you is the band of green numbers in the middle, and you can see the significance there is that the larger you get in the program, the $8 billion program on the far right column, then you do need to have larger double-dig
the commerce secretary gary locke as the next u.s. ambassador to china. if confirmed by the senate he would succeed john huntsman who has been toying with a potential presidential run against obama. locke is the first chinese-american commerce secretary and working to improve u.s. trade relations with beijing. >>> we check in with nbc's mike viqueira joining us live from the white house. interesting to watch the president talk about locke and his background, also being the grandson of a chinese immigrant and how quickly in just a couple of generations he's moved into the american culture now taking on such an important job for what president obama considers such a great relationship with china. >> reporter: it is and it is a compelling personal narrative and the sort of thing that presidents love to tell as they make these appointments. keep in mind as ambassador to china he is subject to confirmation by the senate. as of yet we don't see any stumbling blocks but you know the state of politics at now you never know what's going to come up. speaking of partisan politics another former govern
a man. he is a u.s. citizen and his husband is not. bail and file for amnesty. three weeks ago, they received a bomb shell letter, demanding that he turned himself in in just hours. because of the salvadoran government's lack of a rights, he is afraid to go home. >> we are hopeful that clemency will return tomorrow. >> chris and harlan is reviewing this case. his office said "congressman van hollen believe that married gay couples or couples united by civil union should not be discriminated against. they are being treated differently because of their sexual orientation. >> it would have been so much easier to have faked a marriage to a woman. >> cases like this illustrates the need for comprehensive immigration reform. however, u.s. immigration and customs enforcement have the obligation to follow through with alien removal after they have received a letter of removal. this couple says they refuse to do a fake marriage to a woman because there would be lying. they are hoping for a miracle tonight. >>> a high school basketball star who collapsed and died after making a game-winn
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